Two issues and some wishes

Issue 1

Use the image (of movement) of tongue and movement (of image) of tongue to move (the whole body).

In Slovenian language and tongue share the same expression: jezik. Moving the whole body like I imagine or/and sense how the tongu moves, or let myself understand the movement outside of me though the image of movement of tongue, might bring me to the language that is close to jibberish or better speaking in tongues.

Issue 2

Speaking in tongues is outside of language as non-gestural movements are outside of dance. Is there correlation between the two spaces beside me noticing it and bringing the two spaces close to each other.

I would like to achieve a state, an atmosphere where the very experiencing of speaking in tongues and non-gestural movements are so common to the one that experiences it, that the very fact of feeling them common is strong enough to bring judgement of that into balance with expriencing itself. Of course experiencing is not without judgement, the question is how to keep judging at bay while having experience. One way is to use the fact that experiencing of speaking in tongues and non-gestural movements is so strong that we do just that and everything is in precarious balance.

For this I need to play more with Tongue Dance. maybe already tomorrow.