Božidar dancing Tongue Dance in Skopje, Thursday, 17th August 2017

It will be litterally dancing in tongues of fire, since the temperatures in Skopje soar toward 40 degrees Celsius.
It will remain secret by the time performance of Tongue Dance will have reach its goal, how on Earth Božidar will pull through the flames of excited fire.

The goal of the Tongue Dance is – as it always was – to dive into the primordial soup of secretive connection of voice and movement, and surface the secret for the ones that will be present where the Tongue Dance will take place.

When exactly will the Tongue Dance take place, you might find out only from Božidar by contacting him at
For sure it will be some time in the evening of 17th August 2017.
And if you will eventually ask Božidar when exactly he is to enter the tongues of language fire, you might as well ask him of exact location in Skopje.
Božidar just might answer you with more info, like how you could join him in his diving to explore the secrete connection between dance and language.

Anyway, here we go, let’s have this deep voice and deep movement experience, only Božidar can render it is such witty way.