Sing speaking in tongues while you move, till you receive the message.

That’s it. This is basic guidance for joining the play Jezični ples to play along with Božidar. Božidar invites you to play Jezični ples with him. He does his best to play Talkative Dance regularly, but also you can invite him at

We advise you to find space and time, ie environment, that will entice the playing. We are much moe ready to play when we feel safe and that everyone else involved in the play feels safe.

Božidar for example likes to set time and place of meeting, and then takes the group to the location he finds fit to play Jezični ples. Usually the playing takes place outdoors and lasts about an hour.

What else is Božidar playing with while playing Jezični ples, you can read here (link will come soon)

We could call guidance also instructions and even rules. We choose though to call them guidance, since we want to stress the playful part of the playing/gaming.

Each play in In Me Mor I Am Gre Gor Kam Nikar series is equipped with guidance for you to enter the play. The play is based on principlay.